Quick English Grammar


The active sentence's object is …

The verb is always active !!!

He drinks a lot of milk.

I am teaching English right now.

My boss paid me yesterday.

While I was drinking a beer, an old friend waved to me.

I have looked after that cat for several days now.

I had never seen the movie before.

I will build a big, blue house.

My boss is going to give me a pay rise.

Mario must have knocked down the door.

The subject in the passive sentence.

Always verb „to be“ + third form.

A lot of milk is drunk by him.

English is being taught by me right now.

I was paid by my boss yesterday.

While a beer was being drunk by me, I was waved to by an old friend.

That cat has been looked after by me for several days now.

The movie had never been seen by me before.

A big, blue house will be built by me.

I am going to be given a pay rise by my boss.

The door must have been knocked down by Mario.

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