Quick English Grammar


Direct Speech

John: „I don't play soccer on Fridays, but I sometimes play on Mondays. „


Otmar: „I can work on Saturday.“

Anne: „He is sleeping at the moment.“

Bill: „I have never been to the Netherlands.“

Fred: „I didn't see you when you were visiting last week.“


Tim: „I will go to the party.“

Sally: „I am going to watch a play next week.“

Val: „I have been planning to see that film for the past three weeks.“

Reported Speech: (one tense back)

John said (that) he didn't play soccer on Fridays, but (that) he sometimes played on Mondays.

Otmar said (that) he could work on Saturday.

Anne said (that) he was sleeping at that time.

Bill said (that) he had never been to the Netherlands.

Fred said he hadn't seen me when I was visiting the week before. (no change for Past Continuous here)

Tim said he would go to the party.

Sally said (that) she was going to watch a play the following week.

Val said (that) she had been planning to see that film for the past three weeks.

Direct Speech                                         

Mary: „Don't come to the party.“


Chris: „(Don't) do your homework!“


Lara: „Could you please finish up to exercise two?“


Shirley: „I hadn't met John before he got married to Betty.“

Reported Speech: Said, Told and Asked (don't go one tense back)

Mary said not to come to the party.

(said (not) to do something)

Chris told them (not) to do their homework.

(tell someone (not) to do something)

Lara asked (told) the students to finish up to exercise two.

(ask/tell someone (not) to do something)

Shirley said (that) she hadn't met John before he (had) got married to Betty.

Direct Questions

Max: „Where are you going?“



Jenny: „Do you play tennis?“

Reported Questions

Max asked where they (we, I was) were going.

(change the Helper with the Subject ind the direct question)


Jenny asked if/whether I played tennis.

(use „if“ or „whether“ in yes/no questions)

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